GHANAMOBILE CONGRESS 2018(GMC 2018)is Africa’s first and biggest platform of connecting   mobile, internet and Technologyin contributing to Sustainable Development Goals

Achievement. It will connects the next billionaireto put Ghana on the Africanand the world’s map under the theme, ‘Connecting Africa to create jobs’.

The event provides insights into the current and future mobile related technological developments, next generation services and open new vistas of growth to create jobs.Theevent willcreates various panels and discussion forums aimed at addressing several topics on five general categories to include Jobs creation, Technology, Policies, Business Opportunities and Digital Life.


The program will explore innovations, business opportunities and unique challenges facing Ghana and Africa today. Entrepreneurs, investors, researchers and public officials will come together to present an exciting vision of the future to bring African digital revolution and transformation. This will help make Ghana the ICT hub of Africa in order  to develop communities thereby achieving itsvision, mission,policy objectives andcore functions of  “empowering  through ICT and digital innovation”.


The event will be graced by representatives by the  Media, Government & regulators, Executive & judiciaryarms,Ministerofstate,Membersofparliament,Ministries,Departments,Agencies(MDAs),Metropolis,Municipals,Districts,Assemblies(MMDAs),Country’s representatives, Investors, Consultants, Entrepreneurs, SMEs, Executives, Business sector giants, Academicians, Associations, Not-For-Profit organizations,  Civil   societies, Policy makers, Opinion leaders,  Exhibitors, Lecturers, Students,  Religious  leaders,  Traditional rulers, Special invited guests, General public,  Shopping & Public centres etc.